Educators at MAX

The all new Education track will inspire educators and leaders in K-12 or Higher Education as they support creative literacy and prepare students for the future.

First things first — after you register for MAX, start building your 3-day conference journey with select sessions from the Education Track. You’ll hear from leaders in the field who are engaging their students in the classroom and beyond. Learn about best practices in distance learning and explore how to prepare the next generation with job skills for a changing world. 

Don’t Miss Out:

Keynotes: Kick off Day 1 of MAX with the latest news and announcements for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Sneaks: Sneak a peek at what we’re working on in Adobe Labs. Watch Sneaks live on Wednesday, Oct 21.

Fun Stuff: Check out the hands-on creative ideas, get mixology tips from Stanley Tucci, watch a puppy cam, and so much more. 

Art Walks: Be inspired by diverse voices of hope, revitalization, and change. Join the virtual guided art walks in:

  • Mexico City
  • Fanzara, Spain
  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Osaka and Kobe, Japan
  • Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Art Collaborations: Join the large-scale collaborative art projects and see what creatives can do together virtually.

Network: Meet Adobe product teams live and and ask your questions in Meet the Teams. Limited seats available, register in advance.

Shop: Browse the MAX-branded items in the MAX store and support Adobe’s global creative community in the MAX Marketplace.

Helpful Tips for Educators:

  • Be sure to build your session schedule ahead of time. If you’re watching a session live, you can join the
    instructor and TAs in the live chat that accompanies the session to get your questions answered.
  • Attend the Education hour during the Live Broadcast. "Empowering Students & Teachers to Create" features designer Antionette D. Carroll, illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, and others.
  • Know the difference between Sessions, Labs and Workshops.
    • Sessions: Premiere and on-demand content with live chat, between 30-60 minutes. Register to add sessions to your schedule. You can also favorite them to watch later.
    • Labs: Learn on your laptop, table, or smartphone. Series of 2-3 chapters, about 30 minutes each. Register to add to your schedule.
    • Workshops: A great way to decompress, workshops are all about exploring and playing. Up to 15 minutes. Watch on-demand.